Adieu Godard : 1st Odia Film to be Released Across India

Odisha is gaining prominence by the day, may that be the President of Coca Cola, RBI Governor, Accountant General of India, Chief of Metrological Department, Head of NDRF or even the President of India, and all have one thing in common that is being an Odia. If Business, Bureaucrats, politician are leading the race, can the Odia creativity be far behind?
Yes, the buzz now in the country today is about a movie ‘Adieu Godard’ which released pan India on 02 September 2022. It had word premiered in the 43rd Moscow Film Festival. It has been screened at various film festivals across the globe and has won the best Film Award in Indian Languages’ competition at the Kolkata International film Festival. it also won the Dare to Dream award at the 24th UK Asian Film Festival (UKAFF).

In the season of Boycott certain cinemas, ‘Adieu Godard’ has brought a new lease of life to Cinema makers as the footfalls for the new Odia Socio Cultural Comic movie is gaining momentum. The story revolves around an old man named Ananda living in a small village in India who’s addicted to watching pornography with friends. One day, Ananda accidentally brings home a DVD with Godard film thinking that it is a porn movie. However, it turned out to be the 1960 cinema Breathless, the first and the most iconic movie of Godard. His friends, disappointed by the lack of excitement, leave him to find better avenues. The old man however, fuelled by curiosity, rents more of Godard’s films and starts gaining interest, following which, he is obsessed with Jean-Luc Godard’s films. He even gets his daughter Shilpa, who hates him for his love of porn, to teach him rudimentary English so he can follow the subtitles. After having watched many of Godard’s films, the old man calls his friends and implores them to organize a film festival on Godard in their village. The idea seemed quite absurd to many. Hurdling through several dramatic obstacles, they finally manage to organize the festival. However, consequences hit them back, real hard. The movie narrates what happens next.

“The Odia feature film Adieu Godard won three awards at the Sipontum Arthouse International Film Festival (SAIFF) in Italy. Written and helmed by National award winner Amartya Bhattacharyya and produced under the banner Swastik Arthouse, the film won the filmmaker the Best Director and Best Screenplay awards. The lead actor Choudhury Bikash Das bagged the Best Actor award. SAIFF is an independent arthouse festival, which features films that have no commercial purpose. The festival’s stated aim is to become a reference point for all authors who do not accept compromises. With monthly screenings, the festival organizes an evening of awards in which the film of the year is chosen. Sharing his thoughts, Bhattacharyya said, “More than winning Best Director and Best Screenplay, I’m particularly happy that Choudhury Bikash Das has won Best Actor. This international recognition was long due for a talent of his calibre. I think all of us who make Odia films have somehow failed to do justice to some outstanding talents that Odisha has. I’m sure this recognition is just the beginning. And of course, three awards for Adieu Godard from an Italian festival definitely means a wonderful start to the new year. I congratulate each and every talent who has been a part of this film.” Adieu Godard has also been picked as one of the top twenty films of world cinema by filmmaker, festival director and critic Arshad Khan.”

Adieu Godard casts Odia actors Choudhury Bikash Das who plays Ananda, Shankar Basu Mallick, Abhishek Giri, Swastik Choudhury, Dipanwit Dash Mohapatra, Choudhury Jayaprakash Das and Sudhasri Madhusmita, among other actors. Music is by Kislaya Rai, singer in the movie is Rupam Islam, and the direction, screenplay and story is that of Amratya Bhattacharya.

As per the Director Amratya Bhattacharya the Film is not a typical Art Film, its very entertaining.

The film has scored 7.6/10 in the IMDb ratings which puts it at a pretty high platform. Besides the score is steadily rising.

Some foreign media have given it mixed review. The New York Times says, “Adieu Godard Review : A Poor Imitation. This limp satire about an Indian villager’s encounter with the movies of Jean-Luc Godard rehashes regressive stereotypes and squanders a potent premise.” Some others say that, “There isn’t really anything Godardian about this Indian drama, other than how infuriating it can be to watch.” Yet others have described it as, wonderfully imaginative and thoroughly enjoyable. However, the awards that the film has amassed and roaring reviews at home and abroad definitely indicate at the movie being a premium piece of act coming from the Olywood stables.

Do take out time to watch it in the theatre.

Not bidding Adieu,

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