Steaming Rasogolas of Pahala

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‘Pahala’ and ‘Rasogola’ are synonymous to each other. The village astride the Cuttack-Bhubaneswar highway is known for this light brownish ball of cottage cheese boiled in sugar syrup, available in various sizes.  It has become famous not only in Odisha but also outside the state. Travellers on the Cuttack-Bhubaneswar highway often throng the place, shacks lined up over a lenghth of more than a kilometer on both sides of the road serving this special sweets.

Pahala Rasogola is typical by its light brownish colour as against the more prevalent white colour in most of the places. Its possibly beacuse the syrup is never changed, only more sugar and water are added to the boiling pot as fresh rasogolas are cooked. Besides this process enhances its popularity due to the subtle pungent tinge it adds to the taste. Another speciality of this place is the steaming rasogolas which are fluffy and soft to the core. Its difficult to imagine how many would they be making in a day in each of these shacks, as one would always find at least one pot of rasogolas steaming in each shop. Packed in a clay pot, the steaming rasogolas stay hot for three to four hours.

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